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Autograph Pics with Videos

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When you order an Autograph, you'll also get a video of Dino or Connor

(or both) signing it! 

Want them to say something specific? We can do that too! 

Make sure to check out the GUIDELINES below for how to customize your Autograph and Video, and read the RULES

Autograph Print with Video Options

Click on an image to see details

Autograph options for Voice Actor, Dino Andrade. Choose you print and proceed to checkout! There you can request and personalize your autograph and video. Make sure to read all the guidelines at the bottom of the page before purchasing!

Guidelines & Rules

PLEASE include the following in the Order Note field during the checkout process


- Made out to (Written Message for physical Autograph print): Name of the autograph recipient


- Message (for the Video): Write out a message or theme you’d like the recipient to receive! You may request your own or choose a popular quote from the ones provided in the Autograph's description.


          Made out to: Sarah Smith

          Message: Please say: “Happy Birthday Sarah, This is the Scarecrow!” in the voice of the Scarecrow.


          Made out to: Sarah

          Message: Please wish my niece, Sarah, a Happy Birthday as The Scarecrow ​

- Also provide Phonetic Pronunciations if applicable: 

EX: “Sarah” = “Seh-rah”  (If nothing is provided, we’ll wing it but cannot guarantee accuracy.) 

- If there is no preference or no script is provided, a popular quote from the character will be used.



- Once completed, a download link for the video will be sent via the email provided through your checkout details. The link will remain active for 30 days after the date the download link was sent. Mr. Andrade and associates are not responsible for any videos past the 30 day mark. Videos will be deleted after the 30 day mark. Please make sure to download them. If there are any issues with the download, please CONTACT us before the 30 days are up. 

Refunds are not available

- Please allow 5-10 business days for orders to be processed before they are shipped. Various shipping methods are available for the physical Autograph print upon checkout. 



(not abiding by these rules could slow the process down or result in the termination of the

request without refundso please read carefully)


Message Limitations:  

- While custom messages are available, please note there is a character/word limit. Approximately 90 characters/20 words or less is ideal. 

Ex: “Happy Birthday Sarah, This is the Scarecrow! You’re in my world now! mu-wah-hahahaha” 

If there is no preference for a personalized message, a popular character quote will be used. 


- DISCLAIMER: If any message is deemed too long, inappropriate, obscene, or offensive in nature (which is up to the discretion of Mr. Andrade), the original message that was requested by the buyer will NOT be used. Instead, a popular message option will be utilized for the video and/or autograph. The buyer will NOT be notified about this change. If you are unsure about the nature of your message, you may contact us via the CONTACT page.

- Any purchases made for an Autograph and Video of Mr. Andrade are subjected to these rules and Mr. Andrade and associates are not liable for any changes made should the rules be disregarded or not followed. 

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