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Booth Audio Sample - 24bit 48kH
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Dino Andrade Voice Actor
Dino Andrade Voice Actor
Connor Andrade Voice Actor


iMac 3.7 GHz Core i5 6GB DDR4 with 700 gigs of available storage.



Custom built, acoustically treated, isolation booth equipped with a 21” monitor and 1080p webcam.



Main: Neumann TLM 107 large diaphragm condenser, Rode NTG-2 condenser shotgun

Back-Up: Studio Project C-1 & Samson CO-1 large diaphragm condensers.

Pop Filter: Stedman Proscreen XL


Preamp: DBX 286a preamp/processor


Interface: Scarlett 2i4


Recording Software & Settings:

D.A.W.: Reaper for Mac – most up-to-date version.  

Default Recording: 48kHz – 24 bit mono

Dual Output:  48kHz – 24 bit mono .WAV & 192k mono .MP3


Source Connect

Standard with a locked, dedicated port.



Upload Speed:  200-219 Mbps

Download Speed: 13 Mbps

Connection: No wi-fi, all Hardwired.


Ability to Record to Picture: Yes


Skype/Zoom: Yes


Dropbox: Yes




VoiceQ: No


Connection Open: Yes